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Why You Should Install An Outdoor Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is a great addition to your property. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, and gives you a place to relax after a long day, but it can also improve the resale value of your home. People are willing to invest in water features because they are unique and add to the landscaping as a whole. If you already have a pond or a lake on your land, it is fairly simpleto put in a water fountain as well. If you are considering an outdoor water fountain, here are the reasons why it may be a good choice for you.

1. It Solves The Problem Of Stagnant Water

The water in a lake or a pond normally just sits there, unless you have a filtration system. Stagnant water is problematic for a number of reasons. Microorganisms can grow, for one thing. Stagnant water is also more likely to attract mosquitoes and other bugs as well. Finally, this type of water usually has a bad smell associated with it. It may start to look “gross,” with mold and bacteria forming on the surface. When you put in an outdoor water fountain, though, it keeps the water moving. That means that you won’t have to worry about stagnant water or the problems that come along with it any more. The lake will be more visually appealing and more functional as well.

2. It Reduces The Amount Of Pests

This issue was touched on in the first point, but it bears repeating. When you have a body of water on your property, you are going to attract bugs. Flies, mosquitoes, yellow jackets and wasps all love the water. They get nourishment from it, either through the water itself or from the microorganisms that are growing in it. When the water is moving, the bugs don’t congregate in the area as much. The movement keeps things from growing and makes it more difficult for the bugs to drink. As a result, you’ll enjoy sitting out by your pond or lake much more, because you won’t have as many bugs to deal with.

3. It Increases Your Resale Value

It is not unusual for home owners to put in a man made lake or pond or water wall such as this from Soothingwalls.com on their property. Not only does a water feature look nice, but it makes the upkeep of the yard much easier. When you put in a water fountain, you make it even easier to maintain the space. In doing so, you increase the resale value by a little.

4. It Gives You A Place to De-Stress

Everyone needs to relax now and then. Work and family life can be stressful. There is nothing better than sitting out by your outdoor water fountain and allowing the anxiety from the day to wash away from you. If you put in a few lights, and add a music feature, you truly have a comfortable space that you will want to spend time in. Just the sound of the running water alone is enough to help you to feel better.

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6 Benefits of Having an Outdoor Water Fountain in Your Garden

Multi pots outdoor water fountain with flower pot

The benefits of having an outdoor fountain delight homeowners, business owners, birds and other wildlife. The fountain can be in a front yard, a back yard or beside a public seating area. Fountains add charm to private gardens. The water’s sound, appearance, and motion improve anyone’s enjoyment of a space outdoors.

A fountain can boost your health as well as your finances. Are you thinking about installing a water fountain? Then, take a look at these six benefits.

1. The Sound of Water Soothes

The reason that Buddhist monks have used water fountains in their gardens for centuries is that there are so many benefits to the soothing sounds of water. Water imagery helps induce a meditative state. It is often used in today’s meditation and visualization sessions. The sound of water running relaxes the mind and helps people unwind and fall asleep.

An outdoor water fountain for your front garden offers the benefits of stress reduction whether someone listens to it intently or hears it gently babbling in the background. Fountains help reinforce a stress-free atmosphere by drowning other sounds out that can be a nuisance. Traffic, noise from neighboring offices or apartments, dog barks and other sounds are kept muffled by the water.

2. Birds Love It

Many people love bird feeders because of the birds they attract. A water fountain is just as attractive to birds plus it provides water for them to drink, to bathe in and to preen with. Some birds like thrushes, warblers, orioles and robins are not drawn to bird feeders. They are drawn to fountains.

Birds love running water and usually prefer it to still water. This alone makes water fountains beneficial. Birds particularly love bowl shaped baths. Fountains that make trickling sounds are sure to attract many beautiful birds.

3. Pets Love It

Dog owners know that it is crucial to keep fresh drinking water available to their pet at all times. During summer months, dogs love to while away their time in the heat lapping up cool water. Dogs love the fresh water that they can get from an outdoor fountain plus they are fascinated with their motion. Fountains also do not need the frequent cleaning that still-water filled bowls need.

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3 rock fountains bubbling water in a garden

4. Customers Love It

Your business needs all the foot traffic it can get.  This provides a major source of revenue. Your outdoor fountain can draw people in. A fountain can give your business an edge over other businesses. Fountains work for restaurants, bars, yoga studios and retail stores. Add a fountain to your outdoor seating area and customers will want to linger at your business. A fountain can give a romantic touch to your restaurant’s outdoor patio. This feature is one customers love and will want to return to over again.

5.  Water Fountains Are Healthy for People

Water fountains add humidity to dry environments making the air more comfortable. They also filter the air and attract allergens and dust. Flowing water also has a natural ability to produce negative ions. Science now suggests that these ions improve health and boost moods.

Negative ions are believed to increase serotonin production thereby alleviating depression and increasing energy. Air conditioners deplete the air’s negative ions, but water fountains, water falls, and other moving water increases them making them good for one’s health.

6. Feng Shui

The ancient art of Feng Shui employs water as an essential element in health and happiness. The term Feng Shui loosely translates to wind and water. When it comes to the principles of Feng Shui water is used to restore good energy and balance.

One great way to make use of a fountain in Feng Shui is by placing it in front of a house, flowing in one direction. When it flows to the home it brings prosperity and abundance. The five elements in Feng Shui are earth, wood, fire, metal, and water. Look at the table here to see a symbolic meaning of each of these elements.

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