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Patio Furniture Buying Tips

patio furniture

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and wish you had amazing patio furniture to enjoy? Well look no further, we have the best tips to help ensure that you buy the perfect outdoor patio furniture. When patio furniture is placed on your porch or patio, it creates the perfect outdoor room to enjoy during the warm months of spring and summer. Couple the furniture with rugs, pillows and other accessories for the perfect way to bring your patio or porch to life. We are going to look at the different types materials used in outdoor patio furniture, the benefits of each type of material, the price point, how to make it last and what to look for when shopping.

Wrought Iron Furiture

If you live in a windy area, wrought iron is the best choice for you. This type of patio furniture provides you with traditional styling; however, it can be expensive. You should expect to spend between $400 and $5,000 for a four piece patio furniture set.  When shopping for wrought iron patio furniture, try to lift it to ensure you will be able to rearrange it easily. You will also need to look at the underside of the furniture to ensure the joints are welded smoothly. Wrought iron can rust. You will need to use furniture covers or place it in a covered area to help decrease the risk of rust.

Aluminium Furniture

Aluminium is a light weight and inexpensive choice for those who are looking for affordability and durability. The tubular design should be checked for smooth welds and be powder coated to improve durability and reduce the risk of rust. A four piece aluminum patio furniture set should cost around $700.  Use furniture covers during the off season to help prevent cushions from fading and decrease the risk of pitting.

Stone Furniture

Stone is one of the best materials for outdoors as it will last well and also takes very little care of maintenance – something a lot of others do. It may be heavy but it’s durable and looks great – check out these outdoor benches made out of stone as a case In point.

Wicker Furniture

Traditional wicker is not meant for outdoor areas. the natural fibers are wound around a metal frame and will not last longer than a year outdoors. For outdoor wicker furniture, opt for waterproof resin wicker. Look for realistic textures and a tight weave when shopping for this type of patio furniture. Shoppers should expect to spend around $700 for a quality set. To increase the longevity of your waterproof resin wicker outdoor furniture by covering it when not in use.

Wood Furniture

Teak wood is the premium outdoor wood furniture because it is weather-resistant and offers a timeless look; however, you can create a similar look for less with eucalyptus. You can expect to pay around $1,800 for a four piece teak set and $550 for a four piece eucalyptus wood patio set. Ensure the set has a smooth finish, rustproof hardware and is sturdy. If left untreated, the wooden furniture will weather to a silver-gray color over time. To keep the warm wood finish, apply a waterproof oil annually.

Plastic Furniture

If you are looking for affordable, weather-resistant and lightweight patio furniture, look no further than plastic patio furniture. You can pick up plastic patio furniture for as little as $10 per piece at your local home center, big box store or grocery store. When shopping for plastic patio furniture, shop for high-grade marine polymer or recycled materials. These surfaces look similar to wood patio furniture; however, it is weather resistant and does not need the upkeep that wood needs. Expect to spend about $5,000 for a four piece patio set made of the same material used for composite decking. Keep covered when not in use to keep it looking like new.

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Top Reasons To Choose Furniture That Is Made From Wood for your Garden

Natural elements can add a warmth and richness to your home that simply can’t be achieved in any other way. Choosing wooden furniture is a great way to bring a touch of nature into your space. The beauty of natural wood can go a long way toward creating an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you in and makes you want to stay a while.

Choosing furniture isn’t always an easy task. Trying to find pieces that fit with your own personal style can be a challenge. One of the benefits of wood furniture is that it goes with just about every decorating style out there. Its versatility makes it a great choice for any room in your home.

If you want to understand the popularity of wooden oak furniture, it is important to look at all of its advantages. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing furniture that is made from wood for your home.

Strength And Stability

Wood is surprisingly resilient. As long as it is properly maintained, it can withstand heavy use over a long period of time without really showing any signs of wear and tear. Best of all, keeping it in good shape is an easy process. All that you have to do is polish away any dirt or grime that finds its way onto the surface using a product that is designed specifically for cleaning wood. It is worth investing a little bit more money in real wood furniture rather than opting for some of the cheaper types of furniture on the market. Because wood lasts for such a long time, you can usually get a lot of years’ worth of use out of your investment.

Easy To Work With

Wood can be altered and manipulated using tools that most people have on hand. That means that you can make changes to your furniture over the years. For instance, if a piece of oak furniture breaks, you can most likely repair it on your own without the need for welding equipment or other types of specialty tools that are required for fixing metal or glass furniture. Wood furniture can also easily be refinished. You can completely change the look of the furniture simply by sanding off the finish and applying new paint or stain. This can allow you to keep your furniture looking fresh and modern throughout the years.

Unparalleled Beauty

No two pieces of wood are exactly alike. Variations in the coloring, grain pattern, and other qualities of the wood make each piece unique. As a result, each piece of furniture that is built using wood has a beauty all its own. It can add an incredible amount of warmth and richness to your space, making your home feel a lot more inviting. Beautiful wood furniture can provide the perfect backdrop for your other accessories. Its timeless style can continue to enhance your decor for many years to come. As long as the wood is ethically harvested, this type of furniture is also environmentally friendly. With all of the benefits that it has to offer, it is definitely worth considering adding wooden furniture to your home. By choosing pieces that have a timeless style, you can continue to enjoy their beauty for many years to come.

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