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lawn aeration

Lawn Aeration

lawn aeration

Why Aerate Your Lawn?

The benefits to aerating your lawn is quite extensive. Not only repairing lawn damage, but also maintaining a healthy lawn year round. Annual lawn aeration services in North Texas area is the key to  having the most beautiful, healthy lawns in the area.

Clay soils are often a big reason to aerate your lawn. Compacted clay soil, and its tiny particles hinder root growth and smother grass root systems. Other reasons include:

  • Foot traffic.
  • Extreme dry spells.
  • The thatch layer between soil and grass becomes too large over time choking off water and oxygen.
  • Applied fertilizers lose their effectiveness because they can’t penetrate the dense layers and reach the soil below.

A healthy lawn is one of the best ways to fight weeds, pests, lawn diseases, and fungus? With just a few treatments your soil will be healthier, roots stronger and grass greener. Give Planosod a call to speak our lawn experts and provide you with a free custom quote.

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