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3 Garden Features That Increase Home Value

outdoor water fountain on sheltered patioSome homeowners make creating a zen-like garden for the house a priority. Others think that it’s just a waste of useful space.

However, a lot of homeowners actually don’t have such a choice to decide on, simply due to the lack of space outdoors.

Whatever the case, more and more homeowners and home seekers prefer to have a space for gardens, whether it’s at the front yard or back yard.

And since one would be hiring landscaping to build the garden, one might as well consider works that tend to increase home value one way or another.

Here are 3 of the most popular garden additions that are generally known to add value to real estate.

1. Sheltered patio

It might seem to make little sense to build a serene garden when you are not able to relax in it while being protected by the elements. What’s the point of planting all the plants when you are more concerned about staying out of the sun or rain when outdoors?

This is why a considerably-sized patio don’t just make common sense, but is also a feature that home seekers find absolutely desirable. A patio alone might add value to the property. But having one that is of a decent size just aces it.

This does not mean that it should take up half the garden space. But one that is able to accommodate the family, and able to provide shelter for everyone, is the way to go.

2. Shed

With a garden at home, comes the need for maintenance, and the requirement for gardening tools. This is why a shed is a practical requirement needed to store things like the lawn mower, garden hose, and gardening tools like shovels, etc.

Unless you want to keep them outdoors exposed to the elements or in the garage to compete for space with your car, a shed is often a necessity.

In fact, it has been found from research that the larger the garden shed, the more it tends to increase home value. The implication of this is that home buyers are usually willing to pay more for homes with a nice big shed, as they see the value in it.

3. Water features

There’s nothing like water features in a garden that gives it the look of nature. Even though they might often serve no real practical purpose, many still love to have them as they just seem t0 complete the garden.

On top of that, water features like feng shui fish ponds are very desirable to those that believe in Chinese metaphysics.
While some people might not like to have water features around. Those who do absolutely love them.

This is why landscaping companies are seeing a growing trend of orders for customized fountains, waterfalls, and ponds, etc.

There’s just something about the sound of water and presence of water that calms the mind. Making the garden a great place to rest and relax during the weekend after a hectic week in the office.

Finally, remember that gardens require maintenance. So if you are just not someone who is willing to take up that responsibility, then don’t put into too much thought into building one. Otherwise, neglect can make it a real eye sore after some time.

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